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Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner boasts large, dense buds that shimmer with a thick layer of trichomes, hinting at the strain's potent effects. The leaves display a rich palette of greens, occasionally accented by purple hues, with vibrant orange pistils that add to its eye-catching appearance.

Bruce Banner features large, dense buds covered in trichomes for potent effects, with a rich green and occasional purple hue accented by vibrant orange pistils, creating an eye-catching appearance.


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Every gram of AltSol® flower is cultivated with an eye for perfection. To achieve this quality of cannabinoid and terpene production our staff hand tends every flower - from seed to sale our goal is to provide you with the finest flower grown anywhere.

AltSol is recognized as a thought leader in the cannabis industry, providing innovative ideas and practices that set the standard for excellence. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected companies in our industry.

AltSol's team of expert cultivators, trimmers and processors are constantly researching new techniques and methods to improve the quality of their works, while also reducing their environmental impact. AltSol is not content with just being a leader in the industry, we are passionate about guiding the industry as a whole towards a more sustainable, responsible and quality focused future.

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Bruce Banner

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