In DC we drop on Tuesdays

You can pick up first thing Wednesday in most cases. But that depends on the dispensary. Best to call ahead if you have questions. Use the Locator to find a shop close to you and tell them we sent you.

Dropping Now in Exclusively in D.C.
February 21, 2024

Introducing Triangle Kush & The Soap

This week, AltSol® drops two exceptional strains on DC: Triangle Kush and The Soap. Triangle Kush offers an invigorating, earthy experience, reflecting the rich heritage of Florida's cannabis culture. The Soap, with its unique, crisp profile, provides a refreshing and clean sensation. Both strains showcase our commitment to exploring and delivering unique, high-quality cannabis. We invite our community to explore these distinctive offerings, promising a journey of discovery and unparalleled experiences.

Dropping Now in Exclusively in D.C.
February 14, 2024

Experience the Pure CItrus Power of Blood Orange, the Out of this World Romulan & preview our newest pheno: Platinum TK*

We're thrilled to announce an exclusive drop featuring three remarkable strains, each selected for their unique profiles and exceptional qualities. Dive into premiem craft cultivation with our latest offerings: Blood Orange, Romulan & the Limited Release of Platinum TK

Dropping Now in Exclusively in D.C.
February 7, 2024

Score a triple with Bruce Banner, Apple Mintz & the All New OG Kush

This week we're excited to announce the arrival of our newest harvests: Bruce Baner, the uniquely flavored Apple Mintz, and the classic OG Kush, alongside our exclusive 3-Packs of Supremes, Singles for variety lovers, and the potent XX ETH Tinctures for enhanced wellness. Experience the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation and innovation with our latest selections, curated for the discerning enthusiast. Visit us to explore these limited offerings and elevate your cannabis experience.

Dropping Now in Exclusively in D.C.
January 23, 2024

Blue Dream and Triple Burger

Brace yourselves for the chill and get cozy with two new stars in the AltSol lineup! Meet Blue Dream, a soothing hybrid with Haze and Blueberry genes, ready to whisk you away with its sweet, berry-like aroma and creative euphoria. Also joining is Triple Burger, a bold blend of earthy and spicy flavors, perfect for an energizing yet relaxing experience. Check out these new additions to our menu this week!

Dropping Now in Exclusively in D.C.
January 2, 2024

Kick Off 2024 with Zack's Cake

As we embark on 2024, we're excited to share the latest developments from our range. The new Zack's Cake crop has arrived, offering a potent experience for enthusiasts. Complementing this, our shelves are now restocked with the much-sought-after XXX MCT Tinctures, a staple for those seeking quality and reliability. Our fresh flower selection has expanded, with Supremes and Singles now available in easy-to-carry 3-packs. Choose between the classic, sun-kissed flavors of Acapulco Gold and the bold, savory notes of Blue Cheese varieties. For those with a refined palate, we're proud to introduce our premium Flower Rosin, available in the unique strains of Cataract Kush and Fuel Biscuits. Each strain is carefully selected to provide a distinct and luxurious experience, catering to the sophisticated tastes of our connoisseurs. This year, we're dedicated to elevating your experience with our diverse and carefully curated selections.

Dropping Now in Exclusively in D.C.
January 9, 2024

The latest batch of Zack's Cake is here

Attention, Citizens! A new irresistible batch of Zack's Cake is here, with a sugary batter scent that carries through to the flavor. Don't miss out! Craft Concentrates are dropping this week. We've got half-grams of Flower Rosin in Vice City, Dry Sift and Zack's Cake, Supreme Singles 3pk in Apple Mintz and Blood Orange, and Supreme Flower 3pk in Apple Mintz and Fuel Biscuits. Also introducing the 1500mg MCT Tincture in Black Russian. Next week, we're continuing with Zip-It, find out about its amazing flavor and effects! Get your orders in before Monday morning to snag these goodies!