Rare Genetics & Premium Craft Cannabis

Cannabis is an ancient botanical medicine, and at AltSol® we strive to perfect it. With more than 80 beneficial compounds, Cannabis is one of the most complex botanicals grown today. AltSol's expert staff tend precision micro-environments - each staff member driven by passion - dedicated to this particular medicinal flower. Started in 2015 and Founded in 2016, AltSol® has strived to lead the industry, cultivating perfection while searching for new innovation and quality for every connoisseur in America.

Accept Nothing Less Than Perfection

Every gram of AltSol® flower is cultivated with an eye for perfection. To achieve this quality of cannabinoid and terpene production our staff hand tends every flower - from seed to sale our goal is to provide you with the finest flower grown anywhere.

AltSol is recognized as a thought leader in the cannabis industry, providing innovative ideas and practices that set the standard for excellence. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a Premier Craft Cultivator.

AltSol's team of expert cultivators, trimmers and processors are constantly researching new techniques and methods to improve the quality of their works, while also reducing their environmental impact. AltSol is not content with just being a leader in the industry, we are passionate about guiding the industry as a whole towards a more sustainable, responsible and quality focused future.


Our Passion for Cultivation is a Core Part of Our Genetics

There are strains and then there are phenotypes. Phenotypes refer to the observable physical characteristics of the plant, such as its cannabinoid & terpene profile, color, size, shape, and other externally visible attributes. At AltSol® we hunt for & collect rare phenotypes.


The reason AltSol® flower is so fine has a lot to do with how incredibly rare our phenotypes are. To find these rare phenotypes takes an experienced eye and an observant mind.


We all appreciate a potent flower. Potency means you use less to achieve the same effect and yield more when producing products. Win win. But Cannabinoids are only a part of the equation.


Terpenes are responsible for effect. THC is largely a sedative and CBD is chiefly an anti-imflammatory. It's only with Terpenes that we get the complex entourage effects our flower is famous for.

The Capital Authority

Since our Founding in 2015, AltSol® has carried the Industry in our Nation's Capital forward with excellence and leadership, we've innovated and produced the finest quality cannabis in the Industry.

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Capital Connoisseur

Part technical reference, part user guidebook - Capital Connoisseur is the only reference you need to become a cannabis expert. Learn about the plants, the active ingredients and the methods and techniques to store, smoke, vape & cook with premium cannabis.