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Over 50 Strains Available and 25 More in Advanced R&D including the world's largest collection of Original Landrace seeds.


Growing great weed has led us to forefront of great product development, with premium products in virtually every known category.


Operating in Washington DC at our headwquarters or from our Armory Pharmaceutical facility in West Virginia, we deliver the highest quality weed on the east coast.
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Our Cultivation Visionaries: Meet the Talented Minds Behind AltSol®, Dedicated to Crafting World-Class Marijuana, Breeding Elite Genetics & Manufacturing Premium Products.

Olivia Wright

Team Member

Micheal John

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Mia Wilsson

Interior Designer
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Looking for Fine Craft Cannabis? We cultivate the finest cannabis genetics and manufacture premium cannabis products in Washington D.C. & West Virginia. Click below to find your closest dispensary. Want AltSol® in your state? Drop us a line and let's chat.