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How do you protect against impurities in the plant?

We grow in a sterile peat perlite substrate that is certified free of heavy metals and chemicals, enriched to promote mycorrhizae which enhances nutrient uptake.

Do you offer custom cultivation services?

While we do not offer custom cultivation, our focus is on discovering and cultivating the rarest phenotypes based on user feedback.

What practices do you employ to ensure sustainability?

AltSol® is continually improving our practices in sustainable packaging and manufacturing practices.

Can you explain the terpene profiles of your strains?

Our goal is to produce cannabis strains with the most complex and rich terpene profiles possible.

Do you use pesticides or chemicals in your cultivation process?

AltSol® does not use any illegal pesticides or chemicals in garden. AltSol® has developed a strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program focused on daily cleaning and maintenance of the garden, individual plant care and management and the use of organic foliar sprays and drenches. All products used are in accordance with the DC MMP regulations 22C-53.

How do you test for cannabinoid profiles?

To guarantee accurate cannabinoid profiles, we employ both in-house laboratory testing and random third-party sampling.

What are the different strains you cultivate, and how do they differ?

At AltSol®, we pride ourselves on our diverse catalog of over 127 unique strains. Our approach to cultivation is rooted in perfection, focusing on maximizing yields across all spectrums including potency, terpene profile, and mass.

How do you determine the perfect time for harvesting?

We harvest our plants at the precise moment when growth has ceased and the trichomes are fully developed. This timing varies for each strain, allowing us to ensure the highest quality and potency.

What growing techniques do you use?

AltSol® is committed to precision horticulture. This approach ensures that each plant receives the exact care it needs, resulting in a product that exhibits the full potential of the strain’s cannabinoid and terpen profile.

Are your cultivation practices organic?

Our cultivation methods are a blend of organic and holistic practices. We are dedicated to continue to raise the bar of best practices for cultivation in the cannabis industry.

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