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3rd Gen. Goji OG - 27% THC

80% Sativa | 20% Indica

Certified by Steep Hill Labs Maryland - Alternative Solutions 3rd Generation Goji OG contains an astounding 27% THC. According to Steep Hill this puts our newest Goji OG in the top 2% of strains tested.

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Above Average Trichome Production

Passion for Growing

At Alternative Solutions we pride ourselves on growing fine medical grade cannabis. In fact, our cultivation process consistently yields the largest and most potent strains in Washington, D.C.
We're able to do this thanks to Precise Life Cycle Controls™. With PLCC™ we control every aspect of our plant's growth. Because we are soil free, you can be sure our plants are certifibly veganic and free of any animal hormones that may exist in soil based cultivations.
In short PLCC™ enables us to grow award winning, boutique quality cannabis more effeciently than traditional cultivators while producing generational improvements in each crop.

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