DC's Favorite Sativa is Back!

Goji OG

Generation V



The absolute finest medical marijuana in Washington DC. At AltSol™ we cultivate our cannabis using big data & a series of micro controls designed to make our plants thrive. In total we have mastered 19 strains which we grow on rotation with dozens more in developmenet every day.


Pure Gold Tincture

AltSol's™ Pure Gold Tincture is truely unique in all of North America. Using our own special recipe we make this tincture in Organic Alcohol and Coconut Oil Suspensions. Because we brew Pure Gold Tincture at tempatures below -80°C we are able to produce the strongest concentrations of THC/CBD & Terpenes.


Dabs & Extracts

Using our tincture base we produce organically derived shatter, crumble, cartridges and syringes that are regarded as DC's finest high potency concentrates. If you are a fan of Dabs let us show you  


Craft Masters

Flower, Rosin and Hash combined in dozens of varieties. If you can dream it, we've made it. Using our best batches of Premium Flower, Gold Tincture & Sifted Kief we craft gourmet prerolls, moon rocks, topical balms and medicinal creams.