Chem Glue & Cherry Diesel Drop This Week

August 30, 2022

Our latest generations of Chem Glue and Cherry Diesel are better than ever. Rich terpene production and strong THC tests across both crops. Available while supplies last.

Chem Glue

Generation 6

High THC and laden with trichomes make no mistake - Chem Glue is a heavy hitter. Crossed from two absolute old-school legends, this 70:30 Hybrid is Indica Dominant. The child of Chemdawg and Snow Lotus, Chem Glue, has a rich gaseous aroma, producing an almost chemical fragrance adding to the heavy Indica effects of this rare hybrid. Much like LA Chocolat and Gorilla Glue, the trichome growth is long and dense, which means you should expect abundant terpenes and cannabinoids.
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