Letting the Tiger Out of the Cage... Again!

December 21, 2021

This week we're excited to have our 9th Generation of Tiger Rose hitting the town. Bred by our team here in DC, Tiger Rose is officially the only strain of Marijuana to ever be bred in the Nations Capital - truly America's Cannabis! After breeding our best pheno of Blood Orange with an incredible pheno of Topanga Zkittlez given to us by Jungle Boys - the result is a potent 50:50 hybrid that has an incredible orange citrus flavor and potent Sativa feelz.

Tiger Rose

Generation 9

The latest generation of Tiger Rose is our best crop to date. Bigger buds and even more terpenes round an even better test result. Tiger Rose is a 50:50 hybrid cross between Blood Orange & Topanga Zkittlez. Tiger Rose’s powerhouse genetics produced dense trichome layers that are surrounded by a thick cloud of sweet and citrus-smelling terpenes. 
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